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February 10, 2009

Breakfast, objectified

Question: how many manufactured objects did you touch this morning, between waking up and leaving your house?


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Linda Lindroth says

Feb 10, 2009

alarm clock, tooth brush, tooth paste, eye drops, soap, comb, lipstick and cosmetics, does clothing count?,watch, earrings, fancy Samsung refrigerator that I had to have, Williams Sonoma bottle that I make my orange juice in, Italian drinking glass, do vitamins count?, the NY Times, my macpro laptop computer, my bookbag, my keys, my Prada backpack, gloves and coat.Whew.

peter ilijic says

Feb 10, 2009

What a silly question! As I live in London - everything I touched in last month was manufactured / processed / packed! Except my flower on the window in (manufactured) pod. Better question would be - when was the last time you touched something non-manufactured?

Nancy says

Feb 10, 2009

Everything I touched this morning was manufactured.
The only exception was my daughter.

julian says

Feb 10, 2009

peter,ok, but come on; flowers are almost always manufactured as well.if they're not genetically treated to grow in sunless places.anyway, let's hope some alpine writes telling he touched some clouds up in some mountain.

MacManiac says

Feb 10, 2009

Well, let's narrow it to manufactured dead (and allways been dead) objects. LOL. Now excluding flowers and environmental stuff ;-)

Michael says

Feb 10, 2009

49 (until the point where I would have left the house, but I was working from home today)

Abhishek says

Feb 11, 2009

Cell phone, tooth brush, tooth paste, tongue cleaner, soap dish, mug, bucket, shower handle, stove, utensils, TV remote, keys, bag, spectacles, comb, mirror, Cub board...

Ernesto says

Feb 11, 2009

Eheh nice trick!
Well, since the ring wake up me I touched my alarm, my cell phone, in case the only alarm was not enough to wake up me, and my IPod, in case the alarm and the phone where not enough again!!!
After I open the door of the bathroom and there was where the nightmare start...
I touched in order: my floor tile, the knob of the door, the tap, my thootbrush, the tube, the soap, again the tap, the door of the shower the shampoo the soap... Ahhhhh I can't see the end of this!!!

I think that the only non produced thing I touched this morning was the water coming out of the tap!!!

Good for us, Industrial designer. We can continue to produce new stuff because the world is changing and we don't really know how the thootpaste tube will be shaped tomorrow...

Good Job to all!!!

Laurian Gridinoc says

Feb 11, 2009

Just mentioning only the brands I touched (in order and not repeating): Apple, Braun, Aquafresh, Gillete, Hugo Boss, Lavazza, Tissot, Bang & Olufsen, Nissan.

CB says

Feb 11, 2009

doorknobs. everyone always forgets the doorknobs... unless one has designer doorknobs...

Kathy says

Feb 11, 2009

Tv remote, alarm clock, fur rug, wooden floor, bathtub, tp, plastic bag, kitty litter scoop, bathroom faucet, pills, clothes, books, chair, laptop, cereal bowl, fridge, oatmeal container, bag of nuts, Tupperware, microwave, soy milk container, spoon, cellphone, wallet, keys, hat, sweater, doorknob

Nick says

Feb 11, 2009

That was /lovingly/ crafted.

Hardy har har.

Vincent says

Feb 11, 2009

Just as the doorknobs, everyone also has forget to mention; The bed you slept in, the blankets, pillows, floor, chairs, table and of course your home!

And considering I am a product of the 90'ies, I can even call myself a product and Nancy can't say her daughter was the only exeption.

But this whole project is about manufactured objects, so the phrase above is somthing completely different to think about.

Ernesto says

Feb 12, 2009

Hey I remeber them, I wrote that I touch the doorknobs before you!!!!


Tripp says

Feb 13, 2009

"Better question would be - when was the last time you touched something non-manufactured?"

Why? This blog isn't about non-manufactured items.

Tripp says

Feb 13, 2009

Don't forget you touched the top AND the base of various bottles and containers, and how they worked together. I dropped the toothpaste cap in the sink where my cat must have slept because there was a cat hair on it when I got it out. My bottle of shampoo and conditioner are huge, but that's okay because they've got pumps and I don't have to pick them up.

I also touched a long oval snooze "bar" a few times before touching the round button alarm button. Never had to look at the clock.

gary says

Feb 13, 2009

“Better question would be - when was the last time you touched something non-manufactured?”

it's still a good question... i mean, even our food is manufactured. has anyone seen the excellent documentary "our daily bread"?


SoHail says

Feb 21, 2009

"Our Daily Bread", I can't believe that I never knew about it, Tnx Gary for pointing out, No narration during the film gave all frames a surreal touch, I totally enjoyed it.

Oh BTW, I had an early meeting and overslept it so I had to skip breakfast and rush out, but I did the counting and it was over 30 items!!

well it is pretty interesting to me myself, the whole story happened in 15 minutes!

Andrew says

Mar 10, 2009

Exactly 29 manufactured objects. Only two of them were used to do anything I would consider productive: a Leica R9 35mm film camera, and a 3 year-old Apple laptop.