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January 6, 2009

Helvetica condensed

It’s Helvetica night in America, the 53-minute TV version of the film airs on PBS tonight (in some cities it’s on this weekend, check your local listings for Independent Lens, the series that it’s part of). So I’ll be curling up on the sofa and watching… Louis Malle’s 1974 documentary Place de la République. But I am going to watch the introduction to Helvetica, in which I think actor Terrence Howard, who hosts Independent Lens, says something along the lines of, “Hey baby, what’s your font?” Now that’s must-see television, my friends. Happy

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viewing! -Gary


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brian says

Jan 11, 2009

when will this be available on itunes uk?

gary says

Jan 11, 2009

we've been working on it for months... we hope to have it in Canada, Australia/NZ, and UK itunes in the next month or two.