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August 1, 2008

La musique des objets

I was having a conversation with a friend last night about the film, and about the music we’ll be using in it. (I also watched Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil again last night… such an amazing work. It makes me really jealous/insecure as a filmmaker. But that’s a good thing.)

While I can’t talk about the music we’re using yet, something I brought up in the conversation has been bugging me. I could have sworn, maybe about 10 years ago, that someone did an electronic music record that was made up entirely of samples of noises from Braun products. It took the sounds of alarm clock beepings, blenders churning, etc., and used them as the instruments in the songs. Am I just imagining this??? It does sound like something I’d dream up. My friend, a musician, hadn’t heard of it, and I’ve googled six ways to Sunday but I can’t find any mention of it either. Maybe I’m just a bad googler.

Does anyone have any memory of a Braun techno record???



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Marcelo Pliger says

Aug 01, 2008

Gary, it's not techno, but here in Brazil we have a famous musician who does music with every kind of objetcs. His name is Hermeto Paschoal.


Bruce says

Aug 01, 2008

The only two albums that jump to mind are:

Matthew Herbert's "Around the House"

ALP's "At Home With ALP"

But I don't recall ever reading that either of these were done only with Braun products.

gary says

Aug 01, 2008

Thanks gents. It's killing me, I can almost see the artwork for it in my head, like a Braun alarm clock or logo or something on the cover.

Or maybe I'm just thinking way too much about objects these days!

Austin says

Aug 03, 2008

Gary, maybe you could contact Braun and ask them. If what you are saying actually exists, they will surely know about it, and I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard for you to get in touch with them.

gary says

Aug 04, 2008

It was more of an underground indie music thing... So I was relying on the collective power of the interweb...