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September 2, 2008

The Braun record exists

You may recall that in an earlier post I thought I remembered a techno record made up of Braun appliance sounds? I’d wondered whether it was a figment of my imagination, since no amount of googling could turn up any mention of it. Well I wasn’t crazy, it exists! Braun fanatic and Objectifiers member Bharani Padmanabhan actually has the record in question, and sent me photos, above. He says there are no markings anywhere on the record, no artist name, no record label name, nothing. But it looks exactly as I remembered it. Why would I have that image stored away for 15 years? The brain is a strange instrument…

Bharani is lending me the record for a few weeks. To be continued…

– Gary


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Michael C Place says

Sep 04, 2008

Lovely sleeve!