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March 25, 2009

Welcome to my (Helvetica) world…

You know when you tell someone you like robots, or toy cars, or whatever, and then every year people keep giving you robots or car-related gifts? And after a few years you’ve got a bookshelf full of tchotchkes? Here’s what I got in the mail today:

Okay, presents are awesome (thanks Co!), but… what in the world am I going to do with 20 different sized Helvetica note pads??? (I might actually use the Moleskine though…) And this is just the tip of the typographic iceberg, my friends. My life is getting taken over by this stuff. I’ve got boxes and boxes of Helvetica-related merch piling up around here: t-shirts, posters, skateboards…

I might have to hold a Helvetica-related rummage sale soon…


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Brandon says

Mar 25, 2009

First off, I agree, presents are awesome. I once mentioned I liked kitchen gadgets, and now I have no place to store all the doo-hickeys that I now own from presents..

On a side note, I could see using all of the notebooks myself, being an Interaction Designer and all, but the skateboards(?) are another issue entirely.

As long as you tweet out the rummage sale, I am all for it! Keep the updates coming.


Anthony James Bruno says

Mar 25, 2009

I dont have ANY Helvetica-related rummage showing up at my house. You should change this. :)

Jenn Richter says

Mar 25, 2009

Let me rummage through your rummage! I'll buy it all!
Just email me or PM me on facebook.

Billy says

Mar 25, 2009

Since i love that font and am a nerdy nerdy graphic designer, i would be in heaven. But just think of all the cool shit you'll get once Objectified is released on DVD. I for one want that spinning CD player thing.. See you in Chicago.

Joey Pfeifer says

Mar 25, 2009

Ooh, ooh, I'll gladly take whatever you don't want!

winston says

Mar 25, 2009

Yeah I'll be happy to help take some of that Helvetica schwag off your hands. I'll pay for shipping and everything.

gary says

Mar 26, 2009

heh heh... if anything i might auction stuff off to benefit a non-profit... we'll see. i am trying to slim down my material possessions lately...

Rich says

Mar 26, 2009

Those Helvetica Moleskine notebooks are really beautiful. I am planning on getting one when available in the UK. Can't find a reseller at the moment!

the auction is a good idea.

Diane Peters says

Mar 26, 2009

Have an online auction, donate the proceeds to at-risk type-designers!

Michael N says

Mar 26, 2009

You could give some away as prizes for a contest or just because, or sell them on ebay.

ana says

Mar 27, 2009

+1 for the sale. helvetica + moleskine is like birthday and christmas rolled into one.

uh oh, i got all dreamy

jp says

Mar 27, 2009

Top idea

and yes, presents do brighten a day

PK says

Mar 28, 2009

@Rich - those Helvetica Molskines are available online. I just bought the red one from Moleskine Asia and had it shipped to me in the States. It arrived after about 2 weeks but was well worth the wait.

You can find it here:


If you're in the UK, it looks like the price converts to around 18 GBP.

@Gary - Please auction off some your swag! I'll be happy to support your charity (and my typography merch collection ;)...

Antonio says

Apr 07, 2009

Gary, if you have no room for it, I will buy it all off of you. Seriously.

Gareth Horner says

Apr 09, 2009

Yo Gary!

Is that an A3 Helvetica pad? Any idea where I could find one? Or are they as rare as the mythical moleskin!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)