Jubilee is a video collaboration with musician JD McPherson, inspired by David Lynch, William Eggleston, and late-night New Orleans.

“When I first heard this song, I imagined driving an old car through a dark, David Lynch-esque dreamscape of New Orleans in the middle of the night during Mardi Gras, searching for something, or someone.”
– Gary Hustwit

“We set the band up in front of a bar, and stuck a bunch of cameras to our friend’s 1980s Cadillac, and I just drove around the city, looking for ‘Jubilee.’ It was like being in a dream. The car handled as though it was floating on a cloud. There’s no other city in the world like New Orleans, especially during that time of year.”
– JD McPherson

“Jubilee” is a song from the JD McPherson album Undivided Heart & Soul on New West Records. It was written by JD McPherson and Ray Jacildo.

Special thanks to: The Ross Brothers, Wes Kidd, Ryan McHugh, Anika Orrock, Amanda Dewitt, New West Records, The Krewe of Chewbacchus, Maya Jevans, Markey's Bar, and the City of New Orleans.

2019, 4 minutes

Produced and Directed by
Gary Hustwit

Music by JD McPherson

Gary Hustwit

Kayla Sklar

Nat Jencks

Production Assistance
Thomas McGovern

The JD McPherson Band is:
JD McPherson
Ray Jacildo
Jimmy Sutton
Jason Smay
Doug Corcoran